Underfloor Heating

Say goodbye to hot spots, cold draughts and airborne dust

Say goodbye to hot spots, cold draughts and airborne dust

Are there parts of your home that just never seem warm enough? Have you ever found yourself wearing two jumpers, gloves and wrapped in a blanket, even when you’re paying for heating?

Or the opposite! Are there areas of your house renowned for inducing a full on sweat because of their proximity to a radiator, perhaps in a small, closed off space?

Our point is – radiators are flawed. Luckily, there is an alternative.

Underfloor heating puts to bed a whole host of niggles that come as part and parcel of having a conventional radiator system.

Not only that, it brings so many added benefits to the table that it’s no wonder a vast majority of new builds now come with underfloor heating instead of radiators as standard.

underfloor heating

How it works

There are two types of underfloor heating: electric and water-based.

Electric or ‘dry’ underfloor heating is like a giant underfloor kettle.

It involves a network of coiled wires which heat your home using electricity. Cheaper than water-based underfloor heating to install but 3 times more expensive to run.

Water-based or ‘wet’ underfloor heating is like a giant underfloor radiator.

It involves a network of water-filled pipes which are connected to your boiler. You control how hot the water is to determine the temperature of your home. More expensive than electric underfloor heating to install but cheaper to run.

At Upsher, we specialise in installing wet underfloor heating. We can either take up your flooring to install the piping in the traditional way or overlay your floor using one large board or many smaller tiles to house the pipes on top of which a normal floor covering is fixed.

The Benefits

Underfloor heating distributes heat more evenly than radiators, meaning it uses far less energy to produce the same effect.

How so? Well as we all know, heat rises and so heating a room from underneath and across the entire area is far more efficient than trying to heat it from a single point on the wall.

For you, that means no more cold spots where the radiator’s heat doesn’t reach, so more time feeling comfortable in your home, which in turn equals more time being productive as you get on with the things you really want to do.

Underfloor heating is also an incredible way of freeing up space you didn’t think you had by removing the need for radiators. The additional space is yours to use as you please.

The only physical reminder you’ll have of your underfloor heating is the compact box you use to control it, much like the programmer for your boiler.

While we’re on that point, underfloor heating gives you greater control over how your home is heated, thanks to sophisticated technology that allows you to choose which zones or rooms in your house are being heated at any one time.

Another plus side to having underfloor heating over radiators is the significant reduction of airborne dust. You see, radiators are responsible for a huge amount of the airborne dust we inhale and exhale every day in our homes, Swapping them out for underfloor heating will leave you and your loved ones breathing far cleaner, clearer air.

What’s more, unlike with radiators, you never have to worry about your children scalding themselves or having any nasty bumps on exposed metal with underfloor heating, since the floor temperature never rises above your body heat.

Last but not least and contrary to common assumption, underfloor heating is compatible with your existing boiler, as long as you’re using it in an existing space and not installing it as part of an extension. Not quite so big of an undertaking you thought, huh?

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