Keeping you safe and your warranty intact

If there’s one thing we’d urge everyone to think about when it comes to their home, it’s boiler safety.

Considering the very real dangers that come with using gas, we’ve always been astonished that an annual boiler service is not on a level pegging with vehicle MOTs.

More than that, keeping your boiler in good nick is worth every penny when you think about how much it could save you in repairs if something went unexpectedly wrong.

Not to mention that if your boiler is new, you need to have it serviced once a year to keep your manufacturer’s warranty.

Here at Upsher we carry out full servicing on boilers no matter their age or state of repair, so you can keep on top of your heating and plumbing and make sure your system stands the tests of time. It takes an hour to complete and it’s only once a year

How long since you had your boiler serviced?

If the answer if over a year, we urge you to book a service in your diary today. You’ll stay breathing safe air and cut the odds of big repair bill.
Give us a call on 01256 760617 to book your boiler service today.

How does it work?

When we come to service your boiler, we’ll start by removing its casing, then we’ll thoroughly inspect every component to make sure everything is working safely and efficiently (covers gas only). As part of this we’ll:

  • Measure the balance of gas and air being burned
  • Test the viability of safety devices
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check seals in case of any wear and tear
  • Check the condition of electrodes
  • Check the condition of electrical connections
  • Check condensate trap and pipe for blockages
  • Check the condition and tightness of water and gas pipework

We’ll record everything we do and provide you with a service certificate, so you know exactly what’s what – just like when you get your car MOT’d.

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